Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sewing and Buying

It's hard when I don't post every couple of days because then I have too much to write about. I sewed a few more bibs. Some were the same and one was based on a pattern from Martha Stewart but with nylon backing.

I also made a drawstring bag for some baby toys based on the tutorials from happythings. I had to change it slightly because of the shape of my fabric.

We went to the doctor today and I had to take my glucose test. Everything seems fine! We also went to Kroger- saved about $87 and spent about $67 on groceries. I am ready to eat a second bowl of cocoa krispies... yum! It was nice- on the door of the store I saw a sign as we walked in asking if we remembered our reusable bags. I always have 3 small ones in my purse but the sign reminded me to run back to the car to get a bigger bag we have. I'm glad they put the sign there! We also bought paint and rollers to paint the baby's room at Home Depot! The paint has no chemical odors so I will be able to paint too!
Last week we went to Babies R Us and got our crib! It would not fit in our tiny car so we had to take out each piece and then it just barely fit. While we were there we saw that the stroller set we liked was on sale, so we got that too. We had to take it out of the box and stuff some in the trunk and some in the middle on top of the crib pieces. Then we went to Target and Joann's and I got more sewing things. Then we went to IKEA and got some really cute baby things. They have some really neat items there for cheaper than other stores and made out of more natural materials. Everything there is reusable or recyclable. In fact, they don't even have disposable bags as an option. And the cafe uses all washable dishes and cups and silverware. There were a few more baby things I would have liked to get but they are for older babies so I guess I can wait a year or two and then go back. After IKEA we went to see mewithoutYou.
Here are some baby things we got at IKEA:
A hot air balloon mobile, frog lamp for the wall, soft rattles, little toys, bibs, and one of those things they always have at doctor's offices with the beads and metal loopty-loops.

You can kinda see what the mobile looks like. There are animals in the basket and they look over the edge at the baby.

The dish set has a cute penguin cup.The blue is a rubbery piece that comes off so the baby can drink. There are hangers, cloths, wooden rings to stack, and a toy on a stick to push around.

Here are some pictures of the stroller set after we put it together:
Joel put Ants in the stroller to try it out and he liked it!

Ants got in the carrier by himself this time.

I had to take a big state test on Saturday. I graduated with my master's in TESOL but can't Teach English as a Second Language until I have it on my certificate, meaning I have to pass the GACE test. I had to drive over an hour. I had 4 hours to take both tests, and then drive over an hour home. I felt pretty good about it... I think I passed. I won't know until July 13 when the scores are released. At least now I don't have that in the back of mind anymore. My summer is free to sew and crochet and relax!
Joel moved the cats' apartment into our bedroom. Ants LOVES his apartment. He's a good house cat. Eustace likes going in the second story. They don't sleep on our bed as much anymore because they sleep on the apartment at night now.

Ahh... a nice Sunday afternoon family nap...

Finally, some good crafty blogs or sites:

So many neat ideas out there- not enough time to make everything!

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