Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Sewing, Crocheting, and Crafting

I have a loooong list of projects to do this summer to get ready for the baby. I am going to make my list here so it's easy for me to refer back to. I have little notes written down on my Rilakkuma notepaper but it'll be easier to organize here with links. And Ravelry doesn't have a queue for sewing or crafting projects, only crocheting and knitting.
Let's start with crocheting:
1-Green Bean Suit (Hooded Baby Lounger)
2- Buttercup Footies
3- either the Dusty Rose Sweater or Hooded Jacket with Frog Closure
all these projects are from Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies that I borrowed from my sister.
4- Firesoaker shorties and pants- 3 pairs total
I bought a nice stash of yarn from knitpicks to make these projects. I also need to:
5- finish my baby blanket
6- finish all the many other projects I started and thought about starting

1- Terry cat, just because it's so cute!
This site was very helpful for finding neat baby sewing projects.
I plan on making:
2- chickpea bib (I already made 1!) I plan on making several. It's pretty easy.
3- Hip Mama Diaper Bag I just ordered some really cute Japanese hot air balloon fabric on etsy for this bag.
4- Mini quilt with all the cute fabric I am getting and so I can try making a quilt
5- a diaper changing mat with the same fabric and vinyl I will use for the diaper bag (I don't have a pattern, I'll have to wing it)
6- shopping cart cover; I found some not very expensive patterns on etsy
7- cloth diaper drawstring bag to put dirty diapers in when we aren't at home. I found some online drawstring bag tutorials I may follow, or I may read those and kinda make my own. I plan on making the inside waterproof with something like vinyl or nylon, and with a drawstring at the top.
8- Flag Decoration for all celebrations, and another way to display all the cool fabric I found!
The pattern is in Soule Mama's book. She has another book coming out in the middle of August!
9- A fleece baby sleeper with a McCall's pattern I bought at Walmart.

Now for the crafting:
1- Mostly, I bought some cute paper from shopkawaii that I want to make a collage to frame, or decoupage on the furniture.... but I am not sure yet if I want to do that.
2- I guess I can count painting the baby's room. Joel will help a lot with that, we both want to do that.

That's all I can think of right now....
I have a big state test coming up soon that I need to study for, some pregnancy exercise dvds to do and books to read, and a handful of recipes I want to try, and cleaning and rearranging the house. Two months of summer is definitely not enough!

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