Friday, June 19, 2009


We painted the baby's room! It was hard finding a place to put all the stuff we had in that room. Our TV and computer are now in the living room. We are going to keep the futon in the baby's room. I have to find places for all my yarn and craft supplies. But the room is pretty much empty now and we painted the ceiling "Nightfall"- a light blue for a sky, and "Northern Pear Tree"- a light green for the walls. We are thinking of painting designs on the ceiling and maybe walls. I can't wait to start setting up the crib and changing table!!Painting the ceiling...

What the wall color was before the green...

Finished! Except for a few touch ups.

Eustace is so glad to be allowed in the room. He hates having any door closed. While we were painting he was pulling the newspaper out from under the door and scratching at the door (he got in trouble for the scratching).

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