Wednesday, May 13, 2009

b'ECO Carrier

Our b'ECO carrier arrived! When I got home from school Joel was wearing it..

I can feel the baby kicking a lot now. Our cat Eustace was really annoying last night and woke me up a few times. It was hard to get back to sleep. He must've woken the baby too... the baby was kicking and pushing a lot! It's fun to feel but it kept me awake!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free downloadable cookbooks and my belly

There are two really neat cookbooks to download for free. I already got some ingredients to make the spinach gnocchi from the holiday one.

Mother's Day is coming up. Even though I am almost a mother, I got flowers and a card! And a piece of chocolate.
Beautiful hanging plant from Joel (I've been wanting hanging flowers for a while!)

Another beautiful flower from Joel.

A flower from Kindergarten and the FHA for mothers.

A beautiful handmade card from Mary!! Thank you!

Rachel ordered a baby carrier that looked really neat. Well, I just placed an order too! Joel really liked it so we bought a brown one with owls.

My belly is growing. I feel like I am pregnant now. I am 22 weeks along.

Only 10 more days of school!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yay!! My bento order came the other day! I looked through the box and took pictures right away but am just posting now. I loved everything in there! I ordered from They have the neatest Japanese stuff for fairly cheap. Some things will be saved for our future child but I got them anyway.
Here are some pictures of the wonderful things I got:

I love the directions on the back of the pencils on how to refill them.

I also got a new mug from Target and Joel got one from Starbucks.

And we made stuffed shells for dinner, mmmmm.....

Here's an old picture of our garden. We planted more today and everything's a lot greener, but I didn't take a picture.

I am ready to read, eat, and crochet!

I also went to a book sale where everything was only $5. I found something I had gotten earlier for $11, which was already a lot cheaper than it was on, so I had to get another one for $5 for a gift. I got several board books and book sets-- all for $5 a set! Brand new books! I am stocking up for our baby! Now it's time to fill an empty box with things to take to the thrift shop.. we need to make room for the new baby, and all the new stuff.