Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crafting and Shopping

I started sewing the other night and finished one bib, except for the snaps:
The back is a washcloth. The part I had to keep open to turn it inside out got a little weird when I sewed it shut, but the rest looks great!

I found some fat quarters I bought in the quilting section at Michael's and figured out I can make one bib, a double-sided triangle for the banner, and 1 large and 3 small squares for my little quilt. I have 4 fat quarters I bought at Michael's and 7 more on the way- Japanese fabric!! That will make a bunch of bibs and several triangles and lots of cute quilt squares. I have some other fabric to use also.

I found several neat fabrics at Walmart lately. I have quite a collection of different odds and ends of fabric.

It was very sunny and hot yesterday, so I decided to wash all my fabric, and hang it in the sun. It dried so quickly! Joel is watering our garden in the background..

We went shopping today. We were going to buy the crib at Babies R Us but they didn't have it in stock. We had to order it and will have to drive another hour in about a week to pick it up. We drove home right at rush hour and it was busy traffic. At least I'll be able to visit JoAnn's again then. I bought some things but not everything I need because we had to go. I wanted to get a mat, ruler, and rotary cutter. Walmart didn't have a very good selection, and I'm glad I waited- all the cutting tools were 40% off!! So I got a mat, rotary cutter, clear ruler, and pinker shears for 40% off! That stuff is not cheap so I was very glad for the discount. I also got some bias binding for the banner and some of the bibs. And I got a zipper for the baby sleeper and vinyl for the diaper bag and other projects. I still need to get some interfacing and a zipper for the diaper bag and shop for cute fabrics and chenille. I will do that when we have to go back in a week or so.

We did buy our bedding set while we were at Babies R Us. It is organic and cute! And expensive... I wanted to have it so we could use it to match colors for paint for the room.
We ate at a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes. You pay one price and then it's an unlimited buffet of salad and veggies, all different soups, breads, some pasta, and frozen yogurt and jello. It was pretty healthy and pretty good! Joel and I both liked the Moroccan Garbanzo Bean and Lentil soup.

I got a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter. Sunday was day 10 so I baked the bread. I gave away 2 starters and froze the other two (I read somewhere that you can freeze them). I also gave those 2 people a mini loaf so they could taste it.

I have learned a lot about crocheting over the years and will make several things this summer. But now I am also learning a lot about sewing. I have so much yarn, we don't have room for me to start collecting a lot of fabric! I do have some, and the rest that I bought so far is for a specific project. Maybe next summer I'll try knitting.. at least I already have yarn to use.

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