Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good and Sad News

The sad news... Ichiban Kan is closing their online store! I made two (large) orders from there so far and planned to order more in the future.... They are one of my favorite online stores! They have the cutest bento products and are cheap! And the only online store I found like that. If I lived in CA or Japan, I wouldn't mind so much. But since there are no stores on the mid- or eastern side of the USA I am rather disappointed....!

The good news isn't quite as exciting, but there's a cool website that has lots and lots of free stuff. Actually, they just list all the free things and you go to the actual websites to sign up if you'd like. I've gotten many awesome free things by using this site:
It's good to check every few days so you don't miss anything. Warning- whoever types the words doesn't always use proper grammar... but hey- it's free!

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