Saturday, November 1, 2008


I found delicious-looking cookies on angry chicken's blog. I went to the recipe at and made the cookies. They are delicious! My husband loves them too. We are trying to save some for our friends who are coming over today but I just ate another one... I guess we can all finish them off today (we are going to a corn maze- a fall tradition I love)

We finally carved a pumpkin yesterday! This was our fourth Halloween as a married couple and our first carved pumpkin! I wanted to carve one every year but our first year Joel had a super busy job where we couldn't do much extra. Then the next two years I was taking masters classes and had hardly any extra time. So we finally did this year! (I am already excited for our gingerbread house making this Christmas...)

I used to carve a pumpkin every year when I was at my mom's growing up. I was surprised to find out Joel only ever carved one- and he mostly watched! It was fun to watch him put his hands in the pumpkin. He had the idea for what to carve so he did the drawing, I did the stem carving and most of the scooping and the dirty work, and he carved out the leaf shapes. We had fun and started a new tradition at our new house.

We saved the seeds to roast. We rinsed them but didn't roast them yet. Maybe tonight.

We didn't know if we'd get any trick-or-treaters this year at our new house. We got a little candy just in case, but no one came. We kept the pumpkin lit just in case.

I dressed up today for school. We had a carnival. The kids and the parents and even the teachers had a wonderful time! It was a success! I wore my jedi cloak and had a lightsaber on my belt. Not every one knew what I was but a few kids knew right away that I was a jedi. When I got home joel wanted to try on the outfit with his plasma lightsaber.

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