Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working and Baking

Today is the last day of my Master's classes!! I am almost finished with my last paper. To celebrate, I let myself get distracted and bake. First I made a baked potato in the oven (so much better than in the microwave!)

and then I made chocolate muffins from a recipe from They have really neat recipe books to download! They also let you print the recipes on a 3"x5" size so they'll fit in a recipe box. Neat! The muffins were delicious but very chocolaty. I guess that was because of the 1 cup of chocolate chips. I wouldn't have put in that much except that I had a bag that needed to be used up and there was exactly a cup left.

What did the cats do while I slaved over a hot oven? What they do best of course:

Yesterday I made tapioca pudding with the real tapioca pearls. Yum! I also made lemon bars the other day from a little ABC recipe book my mom got each of us kids when we were little from Gold Medal flour. I found the book online!

Earlier this week we changed the wooden sign for our house number by our driveway to a neat one. We used a neat looking root we found and my husband used tile to mosaic around the house number. I haven't taken a picture of the finished product yet.

Eustace loves to sleep on the printer. Anytime I am on the computer, he jumps up onto my lap, onto the desk, and curls up on the printer. It doesn't look very soft, but he seems to enjoy it..

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