Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Things

I am finding some fun things online! I will list them here. (Then later I will post all the other things I have in mind..)

1- www.coverleaf.com- I have a subscription to Family Fun and can read all the current and past magazines online- every page! I can also look at some pages of many other magazines, and buy online copies for about $1!

2- www.kraftfoods.com- You can sign up to receive a FREE magazine with lots of recipes! (I am still waiting for mine but I looked through a friend's). The website also has good recipes, and how- to videos!

3- Better Homes and Gardens- They have an offer to subscribe to their magazine for only $6, and get 2 cookbooks! I already had a free subscription from a bookcase we bought (still waiting for this magazine too!). Their website has a lot of neat things including a lot of helpful videos at Better.tv.

4- Itasha- The cutest Japanese erasers! I found them from a Family Fun magazine.

5- Ichiban Kan- Can't forget about this website! It's the best and cheapest place to buy bentos and other cool Japanese products online!

6- Paper Museum- The neatest paper crafts ever! Just click on the pdf links underneath the picture to download FREE pdfs to print and fold! On the left there are pictures for other printables (a fork for food, wrapping paper for gift boxes, etc.). They are the neatest projects! I just wish I had an umlimited supply of ink.

7- Family Fun- They have a lot of free printables and craft and recipe ideas.

8- www.marthastewart.com/kids- They used to have a magazine that was really neat but is discontinued. I have 4 issues, I may try to find back issues. The website has some cute ideas.

9- A Common Place Magazine- This is a Mennonite missions magazine that you can receive for free! My friend from college is a photographer from this magazine and she takes incredible pictures! (She also took pictures at our wedding.) She has traveled all around the world. The magazine helps you to be aware of global issues as well as ways to help out.

10- Last but not least, www.thegrocerygame.com- My husband and I save $100s on groceries! We always save at least 50% every time we shop. You have to pay to subscribe to the website and buy the Sunday paper for coupons (we buy 4) but it is well worth it. Here are some of our true stories:
It rang up as $140.32. We scanned the store card, and then our coupons, and it came to $47.61! We saved $92.71! And it was all name-brand stuff. That paid for our online subscription and newspapers for months!
Another receipt: It was $39.20, and we paid $10.60. We saved $28.60!
Another one: Total- $145.74, we paid only $58.90! Saved $86.84!
Another: Total- $124.10, after the card was scanned and we used our coupons ($34.50 in only coupons!) the total was $45.06. Fortunately we had a $15 giftcard, so we only paid 30.06! We felt really good that day! Just in this one shopping trip the coupons alone paid for 7 weeks worth of newspapers!

We shop at Ingles (they double $0.50 or less coupons), Food Lion, and sometimes Kroger (they can have some really good deals).
We only buy something if it is on sale and we have a coupon. When it is a really good deal, we buy a ton and stockpile. We usually don't need to buy it again until it's on sale again. We are glad we bought a chest freezer and that our new house has a pantry! We also don't go shopping every week. We have already skipped almost a month, not including getting a few things here and there like milk.

I have a ton of photos to post, but i still need to download them.
We got a new couch! My family is coming on Thursday and we wanted to have a couch by then.
More to come..

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