Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crochet Crazy and Camping

I've been going crazy trying to crochet a lot and find new patterns. Either I can't crochet fast enough or there aren't enough hours in the day to crochet everything I want to in one day- or both! Here are some things I've made recently:pattern for wrist warmers found here
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the pdf box next to the picture

Pattern for hat is from Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful by Narumi Ogawa

Pattern for potholder can be found here or here.

Motif pattern is here or here.

Baby shoes can be found here or here.

I have at least 10 projects started on ravelry, not to mention the 7 or more I have printed and started or are ready to start that didn't even make it to ravelry yet!!! Yesterday I was going to spend the day finishing up projects on ravelry, but instead I started two new ones and printed off several more patterns...

We are going camping today! Tomorrow is our3rd anniversary and we decided to do something fun but cheap. Although, we went to Walmart last night and spent a bit of money for camping gear. We already had a tent and sleeping bag, but needed some cooking gear, food, a chair, and a few other camping things. But now we are pretty well stocked for another camping trip someday. We wanted to go to DeSoto in Alabama, but the camping part is closed for renovations, so we are going to Buck's Pocket to camp and then to Cathedral Caverns tomorrow for fun. I have never been to Alabama before! I hope to have a little time to crochet (I'm making a pig keychain) and to read for my masters. I have a discussion question due Wednesday. It's a good thing they have free wireless internet at the campground.

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