Friday, July 18, 2008

New Kitten!

We have a new kitten! We were far from home yesterday going to see a movie. We already bought the tickets and were heading to the theater from another store when the car in front of us slowed down and we saw what looked like a rat running across the road. When we got closer we realized it was a black kitten! Luckily there were only two cars behind us and we all stopped. The kitten ran back across the lanes and ran into grass along the right side of the road. We pulled over, got out, and found him huddled under a spider web in the crevice of a tree root. We have been wanting a kitten but wanted to wait until we moved to a bigger house. Right away we both wanted to keep him. We changed our tickets to a later time and brought him to the vet. He was covered in fleas and had a lot of worms and his fur was matted. When we came back to pick him up he looked so much better. He was so calm the whole ride home and sat on my lap during our whole cell group meeting that evening.
We have him at home now and today he seems like a normal healthy kitten! All his fleas are gone, his fur is nice and soft, and he's taking worm medicine. He is now very playful and meows for food. He uses his litter box and walks up to our other cat. He also walks over to me when he's lonely. I wish I had a picture! We were going to buy a new camera because mine stopped working but we bought a kitten instead. It was about the same price. So I have no pictures of him or of my several crochet projects I finished or am working on. I made a bag, wristwarmers, finished my hamburger, got farther on my cat puppet and house shoes. But I'll just have to wait I guess...

It looks like the kitten is part Siamese. He has a black head, legs and tail, with a brownish-gray body and a small white spot on his throat. He's super friendly, especially for a stray!

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