Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Crochet Patterns!!!!

There are so many awesome free crochet patterns online!!! I found a treasure trove of Japanese patterns- so you have to be able to understand the diagrams. But once you do, you will have unlimited patterns to try. Go here, scroll down until you see the rectangles with different topics, click one, and all the thumbnails will lead you to a free pattern! If it says something like "two needle stick" it means knit, and "the key needle" means crochet. I am still learning how to translate the number to the right size hook. Click on the link that says "figure knitting" and that will give you a pdf file with the clear diagram. The link I put on here should already be translated. It's not the best translation but it helps. The home page is The yarn brand is pierrot.

Another great site is clover. That link is for patterns. Here's the main page:
Here's another clover pattern page:
This is a pattern I started for slippers:
That I found here.
I am going to start a pattern for wrist warmers that I found here. You need to click on the purple section and scroll to the bottom. The pdf is this.

If you need help with the symbols, this page is very helpful. It has almost all the symbols.

So many free patterns!! Now I need to get off the computer and pick up my crochet hook...

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