Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free recipe booklets!

If you go to http://www.sunmaid.com/en/recipes.html and click on the recipes booklets on the right, you can order free booklets! I ordered them all of course and am waiting for them to arrive!

I also went to Hersheys.com where they have recipes and other neat things for Hershey's chocolate!

I also got a Karo Corn Syrup booklet for $1 and it looks delicious. I want to try and make the caramel corn.

And an Argo Cookbook for $1.

I also sent away for three kids' cookbooks through Smuckers and Jif. They came and look like so much fun! I thought of making the granola bars.

I wish I could've ordered more but I had to send in a receipt and proof of purchase or something.
If you go to http://smuckers.com/promotions/ there are 2 offers on the left for a free Smucker's recipe booklet and peanut butter booklet. I may just have to send for those too!

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