Monday, January 24, 2011


FINALLY she is walking!! We went to Joel's parents' house last night and I think she liked the soft carpet, and she took several steps on her own! But usually when we tried to get to walk again she would just sit down. Then tonight we were helping her walk and she did! She took lots of steps! This video is after she took several steps. After this video she took several more steps. She had been walking behind her push-carts for a long time and walking while holding our hand, and now she is finally walking by herself! (She is 16 1/2 months old!). She is very cautious and only does stuff when she is confident.

She is saying a lot of words too. She imitates a dog, cat, lion, elephant, and monkey. She says dada, daddy, mama, kitty, yummy, baby (beebee), and sings her ABCs, even though it sounds like E, C. She can sometimes feed herself with her spoon. She climbs on the futon and climbs down backwards. And she still loves to read books! She will sit and read for a long time. She is growing up so fast!


Esther said...

Boy that's sure a lot of walking!!

Rachel Miriam said...

She looks really proud of herself!