Saturday, August 8, 2009


I just finished watching the online video the Story of Stuff. It was really interesting. I think it's something everyone needs to see. I added a link on my blog on the side so it's always there for people to see. Our house is small and already full of "stuff" so we are already trying to buy a lot less. We tried to have a garden this year, but didn't get a lot from it. We have big plans for next year. She didn't talk at all about cloth diapers but that's definitely one way to help! The organic cloth diapers don't have toxins and don't fill up the landfills! And there is definitely less waste to make a few cloth diapers and ship them than to make tons of disposables instead!

School started this week so it has been a busy week! I think I have a pretty good class this year! I will only be there for one more month and then I'll be on maternity leave! I am glad to have this month to get to know the kids and get everything started. So when I come back, hopefully they'll remember me and it will be pretty smooth transitioning back.

The cats went to the vet yesterday so we could get rid of fleas once and for all! They didn't wake me up this morning so I slept in pretty late. I think their eventful day yesterday left them really tired all night and morning.

My sister and her husband and some friends are coming next week. I need to make sure the house is ready.. At least the fleas are gone.

Here are some recent photos:
After my first week of school. I look like I am slouching.

We got 2 okra from our garden! A day or two later Joel saw that all the leaves were chewed off... I guess we'll only get 2 this year...

We are pretty sure this is a pumpkin plant. In the mornings the flowers are open and beautiful! The other plant had 2 huge flowers open yesterday but I didn't get a picture.

Ants was resting his arm on Eustace.

Where is Eustace's head?? He didn't seem to mind that Ants was using him as a headrest.

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