Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got three great new books!

Click on the pictures to see them at amazon. I haven't made anything yet from any of them but they all look really good. I am just a little busy right now with school and other things.....

Here are a few pictures updates:

Our friend Will made this bookshelf for the baby's room.

Ants helping us put away the groceries.

Birthday flowers from Joel! My birthday was over a week ago and the flowers still look good.

Quilt made by my mom's cousin Dianne. It's really soft and nice!

We went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor said I was already 1-2 cm dilated... meaning it could be any day now! or still weeks away.. I am hoping to finish one more week of school and then rest a day or two first....
Just in case we started packing our bags for the hospital..


Julie said...

Love the blog, Leah... SO excited about the baby coming!

Rachel Miriam said...

Those shelves are really nice!