Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diaper bag, Toms, cobbler, baby gym... updates!

I have several things to update- July is going by way too fast!
This was how far I was on the green bean suit, but now I am a lot farther. So this picture is old.

I was in the mood for cobbler. Instead of making peach or blueberry cobbler, we made peach, blueberry, strawberry cobbler. It was really good! In fact, we made it twice this week...

I was also in the mood for cherries so I bought these...

I got new Toms! There is a store 5 minutes from our house that sells them! And these were 30% off because they were the spring styles. Fun!

I finally finished my diaper bag last night! I hated sewing on the vinyl- it stuck to the presser foot and caused problems the whole time.... but somehow I still finished it!

Here are the pieces cut and ready to start sewing.

The exterior is finished, just need to do the interior and assemble it.


Pockets on the front under the flap and on the sides with velcro. The flap uses snaps.

The back has a zippered pocket.

The inside is all vinyl and waterproof with elastic pockets.

I got the pattern here. It looks like her vinyl is thicker and patterned. Mine was clear and thinner.. oh well. I think it will still work. The fabric is from ThisandThatFromJapan on etsy.

I put together the activity gym from IKEA. Ants thinks I put it together for him.

Here he is trying it out and showing off his good leg.

Here I am at 31 weeks working on the green bean suit, Eustace couldn't get on my lap so he settled for leaning on my leg.

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