Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here are some more sewing projects I finished:
I didn't know where to hang this banner so I just took a picture of it on the sofa. The Creative Family book said to make it twice as long. I thought I would make a smaller one and then maybe one day make another small one.

Here are more bibs. One with a terry cloth back and two with chenille backs. I cut the fabric different ways, one because I thought it looked better and the other because I could get more cut from the fabric. The chenille is rather expensive and so far the bibs are just for me, so I think I will go with the save-the-fabric way rather than style.

I made this grocery bag holder a little while ago. I looked online for patterns, and then just kind of improvised an easy way to make one. We had a HUGE bag of plastic bags to recycle, and that's after we started using reusable bags. We've been really good lately at bringing our bags in the store to use. We don't get many plastic bags any more which is great! But we needed to save a few.

I ordered this fabric at the beginning of June for a diaper bag. It finally came! It came from Japan and I ordered it from ThisandThatFromJapan on I haven't started the bag yet but I want to soon!!

Yum.. muffins on a favorite plate and juice in a favorite mug.

My favorite summer "craving"-chocolate milk and fake hot dogs, and I like dill relish on them! (I've never liked pickles.)

One minute the cats are wrestling, and the next they are snuggled up on the couch using each other as pillows. Silly cats...

July 2 was our 4th anniversary and we went to Helen, GA. I'll have to post more about that later...

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