Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Week

It has been an interesting week. Last week, while we were in PA, Joel and I both felt the baby move! This morning when I felt it moving again, and I think I felt its head poke up. It's weird but neat!

Earlier this week we found out that a family friend committed suicide... This was really sad to hear. I never would have guessed it would be him a few years ago. He was always a nice guy. My brother was trying to help him and get him to talk to people. I thought there was hope for him. But now it's over. It's so weird.. I've been thinking about this all week.

Fun news- I ordered again from Ichiban Kan. I love that website. I also found a new website- that has TONS of cute Japanese products, but they are a lot more expensive. They have a store in Pennsylvania! But in Pittsburgh, hours from where I grew up. They have the cutest paper. I might buy a little and decoupage furniture in the nursery...

There is even a tofu character! Cute!

These cats dress up as all sorts of things- they are really cute!

While sitting here at my computer, I've seen a lot of wildlife out the window. I saw plenty of squirrels, and also a bright red cardinal, a bright blue blue jay, and red-headed woodpecker! I don't know if I ever saw one so close! It landed on a log and started pecking away. I thought about getting my camera, and when I finally decided to get up, it was gone when I came back.

Our peas in our garden are growing well! The lettuce is also growing. We started the broccoli inside and then planted it outside. I think it's doing ok.. We are still waiting for the carrots, potatoes, and spinach to show up. But it froze again last week.. and snowed! We still have a lot of seeds to plant soon.

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