Saturday, August 2, 2008

Japanese Crochet books!

I figured I better hurry up and post a picture of the crochet books I got from yesasia the other day. I've looked through them several times and picked out the first ten things I want to make! But decided I better try and finished a few started projects first. These are the books I got:

They are each super awesome!!! I want to make everything in them and I also want to buy MORE! I guess I can't be greedy, but these Japanese crochet books are the best crochet books I've ever seen! Now I wish I could read Japanese and buy Japanese yarn. Some of the things I make don't look as good as the pictures because I don't have the same yarn and I can't read what yarn to use. I could go to the yarn shop and get nice yarn, but then I'd have to spend a lot.

Well tonight my husband and a few other bands are paying music at Starbucks. That means I get to sit and crochet while I listen! It's a tradition now and I look forward to it. Especially because school is starting again and I don't have any more free time really. (I just spent 13 hours there yesterday trying to get my classroom ready!)

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La Mañosa said...

It looks like you've got quite a happy pile of craft books there. I love Japanese craft books too and find that they are addictive. They're full of great ideas and are just fun to look at.

I haven't tried YesAsia but have been thinking of it. Were you happy with their service?

Best of luck finishing your degree, settling in to your new home and working on your crochet projects!